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Patient Testimonials

 Dee Nishimine, & Sophia Tseng would like to share the following patient testimonials with you from our very satisfied patients. We beleive in "Beautiful Smiles Through Periodontics and Dental Implants"

"My teeth were hopeless and I wanted to have dental implants that will be permanent and look natural!!!   "I am so happy that I did it!!"

  "I have lost the 2nd molar and my first molar is going to be lost as well."

"My dental implants have been in for 5 years and feel like natural teeth and look great."


 "My 3 dental implants have been in over 5 years now and feel great. ."

"Natural looking teeth!"

They told me that I could not have a dental implant.....

 Then I went to Dr. Nishimine and I got my SMILE back!

"My tooth was missing for some 20years and they said I DID NOT have the bone to have a dental implant>"

This x-ray shows the missing tooth and braces that will make room for the new implanted tooth.

Patient with permenant implant tooth.   A normal smile has been restored.

This x-ray shows the sturdy titanium implant and the attached natural looking crown and a fully functional tooth.


"Dr. Nishimine and Tseng  say they can never make a "perfect 10" but they came very close to a "9.9" for me.  e.b.



"My soft tissue grafting by Drs. Nishimine and Tseng was fabulous and very easy and I am very pleased." WL 2009. 

  "My tooth is very sensitive and looks long and they told me it has decay."

"My graft is still stable 2 years down the road and it is not sensitive to cold or hot."

 I'm long in the tooth, receding gums, receding gum specialist, Dr. Nishimine & Tseng  Dr. Nishimine Periodontal Plastic Surgery

 "My soft tissue graft has been successful for  5 years now and it looks and feels great."


Beautiful Gums Dr. Nishimine & Tseng Periodontal Plastic Surgery Drs. Nishimine & Tseng


IV Sedation:  "Wonderful. No problem,was really nervous about the IV.  You hear horror stories, But Dr. Nishimine did awesome!  Could not locate the area where the IV was placed.  Absolutely no bruising!  Was nervous until he me the drugs.  It was a calming effect.  Starts from the top of the head and once it got to my waist thats all I remember and look forward to the next procedure.  Thanks so much."  (sr 8/2010)


"My implant was a success and I am very happy I had it done." (ag 8/2010)


"First and foremost, my dental implant procedures, including extensive bone grafting, was expertly done.  Almost as important was the fact that the multiple procedures were done without the PAIN and STRESS I associate with dental work.  There was absolutely no pain!! My stress was minimized because every procedure was explained, and re-explained as requested, using pictures, models, and plain language.  I am again a broad-smiling, steak-chewing woman and an extremely satisfied customer." SM 8/2009.

"Good experience and it was worth my money for a great smile." (bd 2009)

"I was referred to Dr. Nishimine, Periodontist, for my scheduled dental implant.  Having never experienced an implant and not knowing exactly what to expect I was completely at ease after my first appointment .  Dr. Nishimine explained each step as he performed the procedures--I can truthfully say I was not at any time uncomfortable.  I did not feel any STRESS or discomfort during the entire procedure.  This speaks well for Dr. Nishimine, such a skilled Periodontist, as well as for the excellent support of his STAFF!  Most importantly, all follow-up appointments upon completion of the work have been perfect.  I actually leave Dr. Nishimine's office feeling totally relaxed!! (vl 2009)

"My implants are a success and I am happy I had it done."  (ag 2009)

"Good experience with Dr. DeeNishimine and the office staff." (kt 2009)


"My teeth are too short and I want a pretty smile."

"I have normal looking teeth and my smile is much prettier."


 "After  all these years, I can finally see my teeth and they look wonderful." (A.A.  2009)


 "You have worked magic on my teeth.  When Dr. Stan K. sent me to you years ago, some 20 years.  I looked like a hopeless case.  Not wanting DENTURES, my only option was to follow your helpful instructions.  After many periodontal procedures plus continuous oral hygiene instructions, years later, I have HEALTHY TEETH AND GUMS.  I think of you each day at lunch when I chomp into my raw carrots and celery. Thank you!! Thank you!!"   HK 11/17/09

 "I was very nervous about having the implant procedure.  Was very surprised that it was so easy!  Very satisfied  and will have more done.  If anyone is nervous about having an implant there is no need.  The whole experience was great!!  I would highly recommend this being done for anyone that has missing teeth.  Have no fear!   Sherry R  2/10


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"My tooth was very sensitive prior to grafting."

"The exposed root has been covered for 6 years and it is NOT sensitive."

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