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Smile Gallery

Welcome to our Smile Gallery.  Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations.

 "Beautiful Smiles Through Periodontics & Dental Implants"

 Dee Nishimine, & Sophia Tseng have been involved in teaching and providing continuing education for  several years.  We have documented most of our cases with Kodachromes and currently digital photos for teaching and educational purposes.



"Gummy Smile"--- Plastic Surgery

"Gummy Smile" Plastic Surgery is a procedure that can be used for the correction of excessive gum display on patients with a prominent upper jaw depending on the condition that presents. When a patient has an excessive amount of gum tissue that is exposed while smiling it is often referred to as a “gummy” smile. During this surgery the upper lip is repositioned below its original location. In a severe case, the surgeon may need to reposition the lip in addition to Esthetic Crown Lengthening to create a more acceptabe smile for you!!!!







"This is the best thing I have done and I never used to smile before and that is all I do now!" ab  2013

"The procedure makes me look taller and thinner." g. r. 2012

They told me that I could not have a dental implant.....

 Then I went to Dr. Nishimine and I got my SMILE back!

"My tooth was missing for some 20years and they said I DID NOT have the bone to have a dental implant>"

This x-ray shows the missing tooth and braces that will make room for the new implanted tooth.

Patient with permenant implant tooth.   A normal smile has been restored.

This x-ray shows the sturdy titanium implant and the attached natural looking crown and a fully functional tooth.


"Dr. Nishimine and Tseng  say they can never make a "perfect 10" but they came very close to a "9.9" for me.  e.b.


"My teeth were hopeless and I wanted to have dental implants that will be permanent and look natural!!!

  "I have lost 70% of my bone around my tooth and I want dental implants."

"My dental implants have been in for 5 years and feel like natural teeth and look great."


 "My 3 dental implants have been in over 5 years now and feel great. ."

"Natural looking teeth!"


"My soft tissue grafting by Drs. Nishimine and Tseng was fabulous and very easy and I am very pleased." WL 2009. 

  "My tooth is very sensitive and looks long and they told me it has decay."

"My graft is still stable 2 years down the road and it is not sensitive to cold or hot."


 "My soft tissue graft has been successful for  5 years now and it looks and feels great."





"My teeth are too short and I want a pretty smile."

"My teeth are too short and I don't Smile because of this."


"My teeth are normal length and I love to Smile"

"Look at my smile NOW!  My mouth looks so much better and it was very easy and I am very happy I had it done."  AA 2009


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