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Dee Nishimine, & Sophia Tseng would like to thank you for visiting our website.  In this section we will provide monthly updates of what is new or exciting about our office and our staff.

 "Beautiful Smiles Through Periodontics and Dental Implants"

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Dr.Dee Nishimine, and Sophia Tseng are concerned about oral lesions!  We have a local friend that has a squamous cell carcinoma of his tongue.   We provide a Head & Neck evaluation at each and every visit with the update or your medical History.


6/1/11 Dr. Dee Nishimine has been nominated as Treasurer of CSP, which is our California Society of Periodontist.  This is our state organizations that represents our Specialty.   Congratulations Dr. Dee on your many accomplishments.


 Jaw Necrosis and we do not want this to happen to you!!



We need to work proactively with your medical doctor if you are going to be on IV Bisphosphanates and you should see the us prior to your medical therapy.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness and we want to prevent the problem.  Good oral hygiene of Brushing and Flossing only make sense.  Prevent the infection.

Many of you are on oral Bisphosphanates and we have yet to see Jaw Necrosis with oral medications.  Yes we have seen and treated case that have been on prolonged IV usage.  We feel that this can be prevented in many of the cases.


Keep Brushing and Flossing and save your Beautiful Smile!!!

It's no surprise Dr.Dee Nishimine, and  Dr. Sophia Tseng want you to floss.

Absolutely, as periodontist we're going to talk you into flossing anyway,  in fact, the old saying in the dental field is you don't have to floss them all, just the ones you want to keep.

 We recommend that  you floss two times per day and brush 5 times per day , to keep your teeth -- and your health.

The theory behind what's going on is when you don't floss, you get a form of gum disease and gum disease is an INFECTION.   A lot of times you don't even know you have it , your gums BLEED, you think nothing of it because it doesn't hurt.

The periodontal infection could be hurting you more than you think.

When the infection gets into the bloodstream and it circulates and it can get lodged in your heart of your brain, or if you're pregnant, lodging in your your unborn child and many think there is a risk factor for diabetes.

The majority of the adult population have some stage of gum disease.
Gum and periodontal infections have a correlationship to heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease, diabetes, low birth weight babies, premature term babies and many other potential risk factors for other systemic diseases.

To fight off gum or periodontal infections, try to brush 5 times per day and floss 2 two times per day.   Look at the OHI section on brushing and flossing.

Please see your dentist or periodontist  3-4 times per year for your dental cleanings and Brush and Floss.

If you have any questions or comments please provide them so we may provide ideal periodontal implant therapy for you.


Thank you for all of your kind referrals to our office. 

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